The Automotive Technology pathway is an  ASE Education Foundation industry-certified program designed to develop skills leading to lucrative careers in the automotive service and repair industry. The pathway provides students with the essential skills required to secure entry-level positions in the automotive field and the foundational knowledge necessary to transition into a postsecondary program in automotive technology. Students gain hands-on experience by working with professional automotive equipment and diagnostic tools, learning about industry standard safety rules, service information, career strategies and the importance of job performance. Topics include engine operation, electrical systems, fuel injection, computer systems, brake and basic engine repair. The program instructors are  ASE Certified Master Automobile Technicians.

Students will have the opportunity to expand and enhance their knowledge by joining SkilllsUSA. This fun and interactive professional organization allows students to compete, travel, enhance knowledge and skills in their field of interest.  Our CCA Chapter competes at the region, state and national level. Students have the opportunity to network with other students, meet professionals in their selected career fields and potentially win college scholarships.    
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